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The name “Brick Pit Park” recognises the Kirrawee brickworks that, between 1912 and 1961, produced millions of bricks and clay pipes a year for rapidly developing areas of Sydney. By 1939, annual output had reached seven million bricks.

The brickworks had expanded in size over the years of operation to become one of a number of large brickworks that operated in the Sydney area.

Clay and shale quarried from the southern portion of the Kirrawee site significantly reduced the cost of transporting materials from other areas and kept the factory competitive with other suppliers, particularly through the war years and Great Depression era.

Following its decommissioning in 1968, the site was cleared of all buildings and the landmark brick chimney was demolished in 1975.

Source: Naming Competition - New Community Park at South Village | Join the Conversation - Sutherland Shire Council


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